Mahabaleshwar has a widespread range of channa and chikki shops,all of which is located in the main market.

You will see many vendors there but Wilson stand out from the crowd.Been there in Mahabaleshwar for over half a century Wilson is one of the immensely popular and well respected brand.

In 1983 Mr. Ganpat Bodhale decided to expand his fathers business Baba Chana further and laid foundation to Wilson Chikki & Fudge.

As time progressed Wilson became more and more popular and eventually overshadowed its parent Baba Chana. 

Wilson features many flavors of chikki namely groundnut,crush groundnut,dry fruits,etc.

Baba Chana  has flavors like lime,pudina,shezwan,salted etc. along with multi-flavored sheng or groundnut.

Apart from this there is one product which truly defines Wilson and is its signature product chocolate walnut fudge.A European dessert remastered in desi style with the help of highly skilled staff.For more info. on fudge check articles section.

 So next time you visit Mahabaleshwar do try these products.


Mapro garden is a must stop destination for tourist,not because of jam,jelly and those falero candies but for the cheesy grilled sandwiches and the mouth watering pizza they sell.

Those sandwiches are cheesier that Shakti Kapoor's pickup lines and the pizza is just a delight.

People often wonder why are these food items so tasty,the answer to this question is that these food items are made from fresh vegetable and baked in firewood oven  so that the aroma and taste remain intact.


Corn frankie is one of the tastiest street food you is ever have,it looks as well as tastes delecious.Frankie is made by frying a chappati made from Maida flour,then in this chappati a corn pattice is cut in halves and placed at is center then a mixture of diced onions and tomatoes is place with it and the chappati is rolled.

This roll is called as corn frankie and is loved by tourists and locals all alike.




"Here are some must try food items that are immensely popular among tourist  in Mahabaleshwar"

Corn pattice is nothing but a tikki made of corn,but its very tasty and aromatic.It is available at every fast food joint in Mahabaleshwar and is served with green chutney and tomato sauce.The outer golden crust is made from bread and the inner portion is filled with steam corn mixture.Its a must try dish whenever you visit Mahabaleshwar.

5. WILSON CHIKKI  &  FUDGE                         



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One of the most popular street food in India,corn is seen everywhere in Mahabaleshwar.

There are two types of corn available,first is the sweet corn and the second one is normal corn.The sweet corn is more costly and tasty than its counterpart.You can get corn steamed of barbequed as per your requirement.

Nowdays they give you boiled corn seeds in a bowl with chat masala ,butter  and a slice of lemon which is a total delight.

Everyone is familiar with strawberry with cream,its so tasty that wouldn't mild eating it on a cold winter or rainy day.

Strawberry with cream is generally served in 180ml to 300ml glass depending upon the vendor.The lower part of the glass is filled with crush then some fresh cut strawberries are added after which a tablespoon of whipped cream is added,now the base is complete.The middle portion is filled with scoop of ice cream and just like the base the top is completed and toppings are added.

It is available everywhere in Mahabaleshwar and diifferent vendors have diifferent styles of creating it.